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February 15, 2011

A day of Sweethearts

I wouldn't spend Valentines Day any other way than in a flower shop. It is amazing to be a part of so much love. At one point during the day we had a lineup of six men staring at the card wall trying to find the perfect card for their sweethearts. I must have made 200 bouquets this weekend and each one of them for a guy who is either in love or falling for a special someone. Some men would take forever to pick out the exact bouquet that represented their sweeheart's personality perfectly. The real winners are the men who were sending bouquets to their grandmothers in retirement homes who no longer had a sweetheart. Each man I served reminded me of my sweetie trying to pick out a bouquet for me. Although we planned to celebrate Valentines Day on the 15th I still came home to the surprise of a bouquet from my favorite florist Coriander Girl. Having so much love around me made me feel all cozy inside.

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