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March 4, 2011

Finally A Victorian Portrait

About four months ago I went on this hugh creative bender where I bought a whole set of oil paints, stretcher bars, canvas pliers, a staple gun and a bunch of vintage fabric in order to start this project. That week I stretched my own canvas, put on a layer of clear gesso and began sketching out this victorian portrait of an actress from a silent film (don't ask her name because I forgot to write it down.) I literally finished half of the painting and then left it for the past four months. Last week my mom and I were hanging all of my pictures in my new bedroom and she "accidently" put a huge drywall plug where this portrait was supposed to hang. Therefore, everyday I had to stare at this ugly plug which nearly forced me to finish the painting. Yesterday morning my sweetie and I went to the AGO to take a look at the exhibit on India's Royal Courts. I must say it totally blew me away and I recommend that everyone should go see it before it is gone. Nonetheless, I have never been so inspired to paint as I was that day so I took my little butt home and painted for seven hours straight! I am quite pleased with the outcome. I know that I am no Mucha but I am satisfied with my efforts.

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