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March 8, 2011

English Country Garden: Tres Chic or Too Much?

I was ecstatic when this order came in. With the only instructions at hand to make it "English Country Garden" and to use my favorite crackled pot I was ready to go. I must say it brought me back to my East of Eliza days because without working there I must say I would have had no idea what color palette it was. English country garden is anything and everything meadowy meets shabby chic. Personally we all know I love a tone-on-tone palette but this one I still have a soft spot for. Ranging from pastel yellows, to muted blues, to lavender purples and to pale pinks it is anything but tone-on-tone but still gives off a pleasing vibe. What do you think?


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Urbanstems said...

It is beautiful. Definitely got the English country look going on. The crackled pot is gorgeous.Sinead