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January 15, 2011

Dancing at Sweetpea's

It has become a weekly ritual to end the day with some good solid dancing. Secretly nothing makes me want to dance and sing more than Chromeo. So, the minute I start to close, on it comes and the dancing begins. This post is not only about dancing though it is also about the lovely store I work at. All week long I anticipate the weekends so I can go to work at Sweetpea's. It is the most lovely place anyone could hope to work at. It always smells like lavender and since I go to the flower market on Tuesdays, I always have a fridge full of flowers that I have picked myself and am so excited to use. But it is not only the store itself that is fantastic, it is also the area; Roncesvalles Village. I ABSOLUTLY love Roncey. Although I live in Parkdale I cannot wait to move to Roncey one day. Everyone is always walking and shopping locally. Going out on the street everyone seems to know eachother and they are always so happy to see eachother. It is quite a magical place.

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