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October 12, 2011

Nice to meet you to... New York Times

163 Roncesvalles Avenue 
(416) 537-3700 
This year-old flower shop is a trove of hyper-local design. Hand-sewn quilts (150 dollars) come courtesy of the owner Sara Jameson's mother. And pretty lavender sachets (8 dollars) are made by Tellie Hunt, the tattooed rocker who works behind the counter.
Credit: Ian Willms for The New York Times

Can you believe it?! I sure can't! Your little florist is mentioned in the New York Times this week! It just blows my mind to see my picture at the top of the page in one of the biggest newspapers in North America. Did I mention that it was released on my birthday! Thats what I call a roaring start to my twenties! Still kind of in shock. 

Other good news... I finally am all settled into my new quaint little apartment and have a computer again. Therefore, no more excuses I will once again be that avid blogger that I once was. I can`t wait to show you photos of my new diggs. It is probably the girliest apartment that could exist in this neck of the woods. In my opinion, any newly single gal should absolutely fill her apartment with all things pink and floral. 

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