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February 20, 2011

D.I.Y Brides

I found a gorgeous wedding this week on Sloan Photographers. This bride set out to make everything she possibly could herself which is exactly what my intentions are when I get married. I plan on spending months and months hand making everything from invitations to favors. I think weddings are supposed to represent you as a couple and/or person and what better way to do it than by hand making everything? Kudos to this bride for her amazing taste and dedication.
Teapots everywhere, how fabulous! Not to mention that everyone drank from mason jars.

I could just picture the bride hand picking each one of these antique china dishes over the course of years in order to use them as her favors.

Tea pot arrangements and arrangements raised on books have definitely been in my wedding inspiration book for quite some time.

This is not your average collage, this is something truly unique. With dozens of frames of wedding certificates and wedding pictures of relatives hanging from barn board, this piece is phenomenal.

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