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February 28, 2011

Apothecary Bottles

I have long since began my collection of antique apothecary bottles and I am finally somewhat sufficed with my collection...that is of course until I begin collecting them for my wedding centerpieces.

I must of course tell you the story behind these particular bottles. I bought most of them at an antique shop on Queen right before Roncey. Before I bought them the owner of the store told me how he and his friend went to an abandoned train station and began to dig. They soon began to discover hundreds of apothecary bottles dating back to 1848. Shortly after digging they both broke out from head to to in rashes and had to go to the emergency room straight away. I assume it was some of the medicines fermenting? Who knows... all I know is that I am so grateful they were found and that I get to enjoy them.

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