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January 12, 2011

I now pronounce you... Groom and Groom

I must say it is so nice to live in a country where two men or women are able to get married. This weekend I had the opportunity to work on a beautiful large wedding that was held at The Liberty Grand for two men. The East of Eliza team has been working on putting this wedding together non-stop for months now. Let me tell you I must have reworked the quote at least seven times but the end result was phenomenal. The colour scheme was black and white and hopefully soon I will have pictures of the set-up but for now here are a couple of workshop photos.
In order to get all 20 centerpieces looking the same while using three designers we would each be in charge of three flowers so that there were no centerpieces with funny shapes or different styles. 
The Anemones with their little black were to die for and defiantly tied in the colour scheme
These were the candelabras in which the floral arrangement inserts would be placed inside. 
Here is one out of six of the entrance pieces which sat on top of pillars. *please note China in the background 

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