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December 22, 2010

A touch of color!

Although I wish floral design was about always doing things you enjoy it's not always the case. I'm sure that any artist feels this way whether you are a painter, tattoo artist or interior designer. But those customers who really push your boundaries are the ones you learn most from in the end.
Sometimes we just need to step outside our comfort bubble in order to explore new techniques and styles. For me this concept really hit hard when I had to switch from doing tight posy, bridal-like bouquets to a very gardeny, open, wild style of design. At first I was extremely reluctant to switch over but over time it began to really grow on me and I have come to appreciate the "gardeny style" so much more than the "tight posy style".
As I've mentioned many times before, the other design concept that I am troubled by is bright and contrasting colors. Although I always push for a "tone on tone" subtle palette there are many people out there who just love bright colors. My next step towards a more colorful palette has become whites and greens with a "pop" of color which I actually find quite pleasing in the end.

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