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Toronto, ON, Canada
I am always out antique shopping, hunting down rare little beauties and constantly thinking up new projects to make. I am the wedding coordinator at Coriander Girl which is also where you can find The Little Florist products.

All of my products are handmade with recycled fabric with love. 
Down Filled Pillow With  Doily Decal Hand Stitched, Made With All Recycled Fabric

 These little lavender sachets are made of of recycled fabric and hand sewn by little old me. Lavender sachets are great for linen drawers and closets or under your pillow. Simply squeeze the pouch and the scent of lavender will be released and depending on how often it is used can last you up to 3 years. Lavender is also a naturel moth repellant in your closet and is wonderful for treating insomnia under your pillow.