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November 12, 2011

M.I.A Little Florist

Hello dear long lost friends! I am pleased to say that I have tons of pictures to fill you in on the little pretty things that I have been making these past few weeks. Miss y'all!
This number might be in a magazine! It was for Green Light a new little furniture shop on Roncy

A gardeny sympathy piece in the softest pinks and blues.

 A fun and funky little arrangement for an artist.
Welcome back Amaryllis! How I have missed you.

Weekly flowers for our friends at Shop Girls in Parkdale.

Just a little hand tied bouquet with some meteor Kale.

Weekly flowers for our meaty friends at Barque Smokehouse.

New little vessels for me to play with. They are so darling.

A lovely wild arrangement in a mason jar wrapped in burlap.

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