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January 3, 2011

Some Holiday Reading

Besides the novels I have on the go (which are late going back to the library as always.) I obviously had to pick up some bridal magazines to read in the sun. Here are just a few of the images I will be putting in my scrapbook of wedding ideas. Enjoy!

Little folded up hearts depicting the itinerary for the big weekend.

Folded envelope "save the dates"
Having urns filled with tall branches makes the room feel whimsical and gardeny. Ever since I did a wedding with tall magnolia trees which towered over the aisle, it has always been my dream to do the same and have it feel as though I am walking through a forest indoors.
There's something about topiaries that just say Victorian garden. This mantle display is so sweet and so cost effective.

I had always planned on using loose tea as my wedding favor but the idea of using seeds is so much more gardeny, which I love! Not to mention how sweet it is to sew the pouch onto the place card or to put it in a matchbook.

Oh how I love Martha Stewart Weddings! There are so many crafty ideas that always make me so inspired. My poor boyfriend who has to listen to me all day saying "Ooooh look at this!! look at this!!! wow this is amazing!!" might not appreciate Martha as much on the other hand. 

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