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December 15, 2010

Such a Privilege...

I always took for granted the abundance of unique flowers I have had such a privilege of working with on a daily basis. Designing really is much easier and fascinating when you have absolutely every color of flower available at your finger tips. Not to mention that during garden season I was free to wander in the secret garden to pick some wild and unique blooms you would never be able to find at market. 

Defiantly my favorite fall palette which includes rosy sedum and blush hydrangea which I was able to salvage from the garden center in early fall.

This arrangement is just bursting with little floral wonders! The roses are all fantastically fragrant garden roses and the snowberries are blushed perfectly. 

This was actually a bridal bouquet for a very "woodsy" couple. Her husband to be literally went out in the fields to hand pick buckets of fresh Queen Anne's Lace. However i must say, my favorite part of this bouquet would have to be the Foxglove which I had hand picked from the garden center. What a magnificent spotted beauty!

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